Registering to donate a Christmas hamper

Our registration process is very quick and easy. However you must have access to an active email account, as we will need to verify who you are before you can apply. We will also need you to tell us your name, address and contact number.

We will never disclose your address or your surname to the recipient family. When you match to a family, we will automatically contact them to let them know the good news, and share your first name with them.

To avoid disappointment to many donors who were not able to find a matched family, we are initially restricting donors to one hamper donation each. Please do not register more than once with alternative details. We will review the donation situation and maybe increase the limit if possible.

Are you within our support area?

Please do not attempt to register to donate unless you are within the Feeding Families 2020 catchment area:

  • Any NE postcode area (NE1 to NE71)
  • Any DH postcode area (DH1 to DH9)
  • Postcodes between DL1 and DL5
  • Postcodes between DL12 and DL17
  • Any SR postcode area (SR1 to SR8)
  • Any TS postcode (TS1 to TS29)
  • TD15

Terms and conditions

Please consider the following before registering to donate:

Why can I only donate one hamper?

We need your cooperation please. We know some of you would like to give multiple hampers and appreciate your kindness.

We have lots of families who want the chance to provide a hamper, but many will miss out because of others matching with more than one family.

We have also had issues with people who have pledged 4 or 5 hampers, and then dropped out just before Christmas. It is difficult enough to arrange a single replacement hamper, but when we need to find 5 new donors 2 days before Christmas, it stretches our resources to the limit.

We have tried to make this clear through the terms of use of the website, but are still finding many people registering using multiple family members.

Please consider the distress and disappointment this may cause your recipient, and help us make this process fair for all.

Ready to go?

If you registered to donate in 2019, you will need to register again this year as we do not keep your information beyond Christmas.

If that all seems straightforward, you've watched our video guide on the previous page, and understood the terms above, then let's start your registration now.