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Giving a Hamper

Our giving pages became active on 1 November 2019, and will run through until early December.

Your hamper will be given to a local family who needs support with food at Christmas. Our families may include those with children but we also give to single people and couples, using “family” in ths broadest sense. Families can apply directly to us or they may have been referred in from other charities or support organisation. Each family who applies to us is checked to make sure they meet our criteria.

Feeding Families was built on the idea of one family giving to another. On signing up you will be asked to select a family near where you live or work (selecting a postcode) and you can deliver your hamper directly to them at a time that is convenient for you both a few days before Christmas. Alternatively, you can donate any food items to a local collection point which we will then pack and distribute for you.

Where families are matched together we can include fresh food, which we are not able to do from our packing centres. We are therefore always on the lookout for more donors who will deliver a hamper themselves.

We supply a list of the items we would like you to include. Please follow this list so that everyone gets roughly the same. If you don’t think you can supply a whole hamper you can drop off a few items at one of our collection points which we can use on our packing days. If you can supply more than one hamper you can register to be matched to more than one family. Please do not include money, tobacco or alcohol.

We aim to provide “Christmas in a box” – everything to make a Christmas dinner, so if you are delivering your own hamper you will be able to do this. Unfortunately, we can't accept fresh food at any of our drop off points as we do not have refrigeration and there will be a time delay before we can distribute the donations.

We will have local collection points set up so you can drop off any food items to any of these between 1st and 12th December. If you don't want to deliver a hamper yourself this is an ideal way that you can still contribute. You can also donate a gift of money which we can use to buy food and will distribute this ourselves. Please don’t apply to be matched to a family if you can’t deliver it yourself or arrange for someone to do it for you.

Things happen in life – we understand. However by being part of Feeding Families you are making a pledge to look after a particular family. Once you are matched, that family is relying on your support and if you don’t deliver, they may not receive anything. We ask you therefore to please have a back-up plan from the start in case you are sick or another emergency arises.

  • Buy some of the contents well in advance so you have at least part of your hamper prepared.
  • Try to organise a friend who can step in to help to complete and deliver your hamper for you.
  • If you are not able to deliver at all, please contact as soon as possible so we can attempt to solve the problem.
  • Donate the cost of the hamper so we can cover the cost of feeding your matched family.

We rely on your generosity of our donors and we may not have the funds available or the delivery resources at the last minute to cover for people pulling out so we ask you to do all you can to keep your commitment. We are also volunteers with jobs and so there is only a limited amount of last minute things we can do.

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