How the matching process works

Most of the information you will need to know about the process, has been organised into a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Our process is different from previous years. In order to ensure we can contact both our applications and donations, we are asking anyone who wants to donate a hamper to register with us first. You will then be able to take control of your donation, select a family size, and travelling distance that suits you. We'll show you where we need donations and you are free to choose the one that matches. Or you can leave the matching to us, if you prefer.

And, of course, should you choose to donate another hamper, we've made that easy too, with no need to re-enter any of your details.

Here's a quick summary of the donation process.

  1. Families apply to receive a hamper

    Our applications have been open since the start of October. We vet each application under Charity Commission guidelines to ensure all our applications are genuine families in need.

  2. Donor registrations open

    You can register with us from 1 November - you'll need to set up an account with us. We'll send you a confirmation email to validate your details.
  3. My Giving Hub

    When you sign onto our system, you can see an overview of the families waiting to be matched - you can select any family based on their family size, and distance from you. We'll tell you if they have any special dietary requirements, but no other details at this point.
  4. When you're matched

    We'll send you and the recipient family a text message or email letting you know you the match is complete
  5. Check the details

    Using the My Giving Hub, you can view contact details for the family, and you are free to get in touch with them. Nearer the time, you can discuss the delivery date that suits you both. Please remember not to ask the recipient any personal information that we have not given you (e.g. Age and gender of children)
  6. Prepare your hamper

    This is the fun bit. You can prepare the hamper with all the food and treats to make the Christmas special for your family. Obviously, you will want to leave the fresh food until later. You can get details on the items that you should include on our Hamper Contents page.
  7. Deliver your Hamper

    If everything goes to plan, you will arrange a suitable date to receive your hamper, close to Christmas, and you can deliver it directly to your family. All hampers must be delivered by 23 December.

Sometimes things don't always go to plan, so our team are on hand to help out - contact us at

Please also take a look at our Safeguarding Guidelines which are there to protect you as a hamper donor.