Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Christmas food hampers which our volunteers provide and distribute to alleviate hunger and to support those struggling with the added pressures of the season. We also work alongside businesses to collect food and monetary donations to be made into hampers and distribute through local charities.

I've just received my hamper - I've smiled, cried, stood and stared at it all, cried happy tears and tears of amazement that there are so many kind people out there willing to help - it's amazing I can't say thank you enough, I really can't.


Feeding Families was first conceived at Christmas 2016 as a personal project. Finding local need, the first six hampers were delivered to families who were struggling to make their already stretched resources cover the extra expense and expectation of Christmas.

My husband and I have never bought Christmas presents for each other, as we hate the commercialism and intense pressure to buy needless gifts just for the sake of it. Being able to provide a hamper this Christmas has truly brought back the spirit of Christmas to my family. Thank you so much for setting up this project.

On 29 October 2017, Feeding Families as an organisation was truly born when a request went out on social media to find families who would be interested in participating at Christmas in that year. In a short time, there were many contacts from those wishing to both donate and receive and this was formalised under the Feeding Families banner.

A 'family' is defined as any single or group of family members. It is not necessarily restricted by size, age or gender.

We delivered our hamper to our nominated family this afternoon, My children loved helping and shopping for it. Was a very emotional drop off and to hear someone say if it wasn’t for the hamper they wouldn’t have had a Christmas is heartbreaking. We are so happy to be able to help.