Feeding Families is built on the generosity of our volunteers.

Some give in the form of donating a hamper, others will give their time in setting up and running our packing centres.

In 2019 we will have bases in:

We have a team in each location and if you can help by giving a few hours to help by sending emails, distributing flyers, helping with fundraising events, coming to a packing day and distributing hampers, we'd love to hear from you.

Please email info@feedingfamilies.org.uk saying where you live and what you are interested in.

Fundraising Events

Each year we come up with a range of events around the region which provide us with funds to run the whole operation.

You can support us by coming along to an event and bringing others with you.

In order to keep up with the news, please join us at our Facebook group or by joining our mailing list.

Pint of Pennies

This year our Stanley hub is asking people to donate a pint of pennies. Could you fill a pint glass with small change and donate it to Feeding Families?

You can do this as an individual or a business. Please email info@feedingfamilies.org.uk if you would like to join in.

Feeding Families Monthly

What would £2 buy you? A coffee? A ready meal? A couple of hours of parking?

What can you buy for £5? A bottle of wine? A sandwich lunch? A Kindle book?

Could you save just a small amount each month and donate it to Feeding Families? We are looking for regular donors who will help us to have some financial security to meet our costs such as insurance, safeguarding advice, stationery etc. – the things we need to keep operating. This enables hundreds of families to get the help they need and is vital as we grow.

To do this please complete a direct debit or standing order form at Golden Giving. If you are a tax payer, please Gift Aid your gift so we can claim the tax back as this makes a big difference to what we receive.

It's really exciting when we receive a donation we were not expecting! Although we started with the intention of just receiving food donations, we quickly found that we do have other expenses to cover. One of the largest of these is buying extra food to bulk up the donations we receive for our hampers. We never receive equal quantities of donations so we always plan to go and buy more of items we are missing for our packing days.

You might consider doing one of the following:

You can make a one off donation through Golden Giving or, if you would like to discuss, please contact us at info@feedingfamilies.org.uk